April Goals

March was mostly a bust when it came to my goals.  Though I did get some running in- about 20 miles, so that’s not tooooo shabby.

But April is a new fabulous month and I’m feeling great (see yesterday’s post).  And I have some great goals for myself!

Now that I’m exercising so much I decided to push my goals a bit farther this month.  So I created a fitness challenge for myself for the month (a la Laura).  I’ll be posting that tomorrow!


This month I want to focus on nourishing my body more.  I kind of ate like crap last month.  I also had waaaay too much caffeine.  My goal is to cut my caffeine intake in half- I’m doing 1/2 decaf and 1/2 regular coffee and I’m limiting my coffee intake to only 1-2 cups in the morning.  I plan on drinking a lot more juice and getting in a lot more greens this month.


Now that I’ve dropped my super duper sucktastic class I will have more time to devote to pulling up my food microbiology grade.  I’m absolutely confident I can make an A in this class.  Right now I’m sitting on a low B, but the best thing about Dr. Gilman’s classes is the fact that she lets you drop a test grade.  And she gives extra credit opportunities.  We’ve only had two tests so far so I think I’ll be just fine.  But I still plan on rocking the tests this month!


I know it seems weird to have a goals post within a post about goals, but we all know that I’m a little weird by now, haha!  I’m going to start doing weekly goals for myself just because I make goals at the beginning of the month and they seem to fizzle out by the middle of the month.  I think making weekly goals will help keep them fresh in my mind and ultimately help me meet them!

So those are my goals for the month.  I’m sure I’ll be posting weekly goals soon!  Does anyone else make weekly or monthly goals for themselves?  I used to not do it, but I found that even if I don’t meet all of my goals it feels really good to push myself to go farther and I think it’s helping me become a better person!

Till tomorrow….


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