Birthday Bash

Long time no see!  Sorry about that- it’s been a really busy couple of weeks!  Lots of fun stuff coming up too, but let’s talk about birthdays!

I’m not much of a birthday person- it’s really just another day to me.  I don’t usually care much about them, but this year I thought it would be fun to celebrate since I turned THIRTY!!! 

So my best pal put together a fun little evening out.  It started with manis and pettis for us gals.  When we were pampered out we headed downtown for MARGARITAS!!  And there we met our other halves (aka the boys).  And we had some great Mexican food (veggie tacos, chips and salsa, and margaritas to my hearts content!) and we just sat and laughed and talked for hours.  The PERFECT birthday celebration!!

Picture time!  (thanks Katy for the pics!)

The gang’s all here!!  My favorite peeps in the world (minus one little brother who was out of town)  (Oh, and Joe is taking the pic so he’s not in it.  Thanks Joe!)


This is definitely a don’t ask.  LOL!



Wish I could remember what was so funny!  haha.



And yay for presents!!

A Bamboo cutting board!  It’s gigantic and I love it!!


Cutie little horse Katy got me when she went to Sweden!  Don’t know the story behind it yet, but it’s a big deal over there.  I need to look it up! 

DSCF2689Earrings made with love!  The pictures don’t do them justice- they’re way cuter in person!


Cute candle set.  LOVE candles!  And it smells SOOO good!

DSCF2685Look- it holds matches!  FUN!


Any friend of mine knows how much I love my starbucks!



And I got a little donation from my parents, grandmother, and In-Laws for my new camera fund!  My camera super sucks and I NEED a new one.  Unfortunately the one I want is quite expensive, so I’m saving up!  


Wow, after typing all of this I realize how seriously blessed I am!  Thank you so so much to my friends!!   I love you guys!


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