What’s for dinner tonight?

OMG you guys I just realized I haven’t posted in over a week!!  There’s been SO much going on with school that that’s pretty much all I have time for these days with all the tests, quizzes, research papers, and group projects I’ve got going on right now.  It’s been crazy busy over here!

I actually had a Meatless Monday recipe that I wanted to share, but I lost the piece of paper that I wrote the recipe on!  It was a pretty amazing chana masala recipe too!  I hope I find it because I really want to share it!

So instead how about a what’s for dinner post?

Tonight I made the Migas Especiales from the Engine 2 book.  And ZOMG it was a-mazing!


It was a tofu scramble and it also had onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, tortillas and I topped it with a little Daiya pepperjack!  NOM!


Served with a side of mixed fruit and a couple of corn tortillas for scooping!  So. Good.


Oh and P.S. the Rangers won tonight! BEST. GAME. EVER!!!!

Take a lookie- Cruz is my homeboy!! (just click on the video and it’ll take you to mlb.com to watch the clip!)


And P.P.S. we have World Series tickets!  WOOT WOOT!!




New Planner!

I know it’s the digital age and google calendar is great, but I’m the kind of girl that likes to do things the old fashioned pen and paper way.  I am always on the search for an awesome planner and had yet to find anything that caught my eye.  Honestly I’ve just been using the free planner that they give out at school at the beginning of the semester because it suited my needs the best- it had lots of daily space to put in all my to-dos.  But it ripped up easily and I didn’t love it.

I ordered this planner a few weeks ago- I saw it on A Bowl Full of Lemons and I knew right away that I HAD to get it!  It’s the Erin Condren Life Planner.  I’ve been looking for a badass planner like this for a long time.  It’s a little pricey, but It’s worth the price to keep my scatterbrained self organized.  (And it’s pretty easy to find a coupon code for $10 off your order!)

It’s so pretty!!  And it’s customized and made for you when you order it.  You can’t tell from the pic but the cover has a plastic coating on it- so I can’t destroy it by toting it around in my backpack.



It’s got monthly tabs! (LOVE!)



Month at a glance and weekly/daily planner!  (and the daily is split into morning/afternoon/evening- not super fond of that, but it’s not a deal breaker for me)



Stickers and pockets. (totally love!)



It also came with some samples of their other products.



I’m totally obsessed with this thing!  I’m going to be soooo organized!

If anyone decides they want to order one and can’t find a coupon code, I have a couple of codes that they sent me with my calendar- so give me a holler if you want one.  One is for $10 off an order and the other is for 10% off an order.

Have a lovely organized day!


Things I’m Obsessed With!

I get into obsession mode sometimes when it comes to my favorite things.  I usually yammer on about my obsessions on Facebook, but today I was thinking why not just bring it to the blog?!  I’m going to try to keep it around 5 things each time I do one of these- because honestly I could go on and on!

So here we go…

Things I’m Obsessed With, Edition 1

#1 Taking pictures of my dog

I. Cannot. Stop!  She’s so darn cute!  And the look on her face is usually like “pleeeease stop!”  Haha!



#2 Iced Green Tea


Cannot stop drinking it!  Multiply this times like 5 in one day and you’ll understand just how deep the obsession is!


#3 Sprouted Grain English Muffins


LOVE!  English Muffin Pizzas?  Yes please!  Breakfast Sammies?  Yes please!  The ideas are endless and this particular brand is the best- so hearty and grainy! 


#4 Guittard Extra Dark Chocolate Chips



Oh my word these are insane!  I really don’t like the semisweet chocolate chips very much(they taste weird!), so when I came across these I was super excited!  Honestly, they are an extremely good quality dark chocolate- they’re better than a lot of the really expensive “fancy” dark chocolates I’ve had and they’re around $3 for the bag!  I like to keep a bag around and have some as an after dinner sweet sometimes.  If you stick to a serving, they’re pretty decent on the calorie budget- only 70 cals per serving!  Can’t beat that with a stick!


#5 Mama Peas New Cookbook


I cannot seem to put this down!  The recipes are fab- I made the teriyaki tofu last night!  And I can’t wait to try some of the desserts! (my oven is broken, so It will have to wait till I have time to go shopping for a new one!)  And it is SO funny!  Seriously if you don’t have this, you should really go out and get it- you will definitely not regret it!


Well, those are my top 5 things I’m obsessed with! What can you not live without right now?