Fit Fab Friday!

What up peeps?!  It’s time for another Fit Friday! 

Guess what? 

My broken toe is almost healed!  (I can almost bend the toe now without searing pain shooting through my foot!  Almost.)

And guess what else?

I ran this week!!!  Open-mouthed smile

This week I was able to work out 3 times- one day of walking (2 miles) + weights, one day on the elliptical (40 mins) + weights, and one day of jogging (1 mile).

I’m so so happy I’m able to be more active again!  And I’m totally pumped for next weeks workouts!

So here’s what I have planned for next week… (with the obvious stipulation that if my toe starts hurting then I need to stop)

Today(Friday)- 2 mile run + weights
Saturday- walk (2 miles, maybe 3)
Sunday- REST
Monday-  Kickboxing!  (It’s been forever since I’ve been and now that I can put shoes on for more than a few minutes it’s time I got my booty back there!)
Tuesday- Elliptical + weights
Wednesday– 2 mile run
Thursday- Bodypump (I keep saying I’m going to take this class and then I chicken out at the last minute.  I’m gun shy about these kinds of classes because I went to a S.E.T. class at the gym once and the teacher was horrid and called me out in front of the class and embarrassed me so I haven’t been back to a weights-based class since).  We’ll give it a try and see what happens!

How were your workouts this week??

Hooray for being fit and fab!  Oh, and hooray for Friday as well!!!



  1. So insanely jealous you ran this week! But also so happy for you! I love body pump classes! definitely definitely missing those!

  2. So glad to hear your toe is recovering!

    I can’t believe an instructor called you out and embarrassed you in front of a class. How awful! Just know that you are a strong, capable person, and imagine me there cheering you on!!

    • Thanks Liz! Yeah, I just walked out. I didn’t even put up my equipment, I was so done! I make sure to double check now on who the instructor is before I go to a class!

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