Fruit the size of my head

Hey y’all!  I’ve been a horrible horrible blogger lately- I’ve posted maybe once a week for the last couple of months?  I’m going to try to make more of an effort to post more often, and not just recipes (especially since my school schedule is wonky this semester and I won’t have as much time to put into developing recipes.  Sadface.)

School is back in full force.  This semester is so weird.  I feel like my schedule is all over the place and my commute is right during rush hour so it takes me anywhere from 2-3 hrs to get home some days.  And by the time I do get home sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic for that long leaves me exhausted and all I want to do is go straight to bed.

This semester I’m taking Human Anatomy & Physiology, Bionutrition (which is actually a Biochemistry class), and Literature in Nutrition and Food Science

I took a Biology class at the local community class this summer to prep for A&P and I’m soooo glad I did!  I feel totally ahead of the game in my science classes and I’m fairly certain that I’m going to do really well in them! 

My literature class I’m also really enjoying.  We’re learning how to do and present research and today we worked with a research librarian in the library.  I got some really helpful information and I’m pumped to get started on my research projects!  We broke up into groups and started talking about our group research project- I ended up in a group with 2 really great girls and I’m really excited about working with them!!

What else??

I’m going to start blogging my weigh-ins again I think.  Maybe not every single week but sometimes.  It’s going pretty well- I’ve lost almost 5 lbs this month so that’s definitely something to celebrate!!

And just for your entertainment…

Fruit the size of my head!



It’s a Pummelo.  It’s like a grapefruit but a little sweeter.


Unfortunately it’s got a really thick rind (is that what it’s called?) and inside it’s really only the size of a grapefruit.  And like twice as expensive.  Oh well, it’s still fun to try new things!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!



  1. Wow! I’ve never tried a Pummelo! They’re huge!

    What kind of things do you read for the literature class?

    • There’s no text or anything. It’s all about research really. We’re learning how to do searches for, interpret, discuss and present scholarly research.

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