Skinny VS. Healthy… let’s talk about it!

Hey guys! 

First of all official grades are in for the semester- I ended up with A’s in Anatomy and Physiology Lecture, Biochemistry (did I already mention that I made a 100 on the final for that class?) and Literature in Nutrition.  Those A’s are fantastic and I’m very proud of them but I’m most happy about the B that I got this semester in A&P lab. 

Even though I looooove making A’s (I’m a straight up nerd!) I’m really really happy for this B!  Between a TA and a lab coordinator both on a major power trip and no one EVER knowing what was going on in that lab (seriously it was horrible!) and no one in the class ever making above an 84 on a practical I’m very okay with that B.  I honestly thought it was going to be a C and that ugly little letter is absolutely NOT allowed to be on my transcript!!  So I’m surprisingly okay with this B.  But next semester look out… I’ll be back to straight A’s!!!


Anyway on to the topic at hand!


Skinny vs. healthy…

This is something that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately since the weather started warming up and people started declaring it to be “bikini season”.  Seriously don’t you hate those two words?!  I’m hoping that I don’t just end up going off on a rant about this but start a conversation about it.  Let’s talk about this!


The number of times I hear the words “get your body bikini ready” in one day is astounding!

Look at what I found through just a quick Google search…

Bikini Body workout from Self Magazine  It even comes with pictures guys!  Apparently this is what we should look like…



Here’s another…

Bikini body in only 4 weeks?!  And another picture…

 Bikini Body Opener


Also can we talk about this new book by The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper?  It’s called The Skinny Rules.  Seriously that’s what it’s called.  Here are just a few of the more ridiculous “rules” I noticed while flipping through this at a store…

  • Go to bed hungry (what the what?!?!)
  • No carbs after lunch (it really says that- I can’t make this stuff up!  No distinguishing between complex carbs and refined carbohydrates and why one is better for you than the other.  Wow. Just wow.)
  • No potatoes (Apparently potatoes and all carbohydrates are evil)
    Oh and he also claims that he has new and emerging science to back all this up but never cites a single thing to actually back up these insane claims.  Just another “diet” book by a celebrity trainer who is absolutely NOT qualified to give out nutritional advice.  Shame on you Bob Harper.
      There are so many examples out there of why we should be “skinny”.  But why do we need to be skinny?  Why can’t we just strive to be healthy?  What’s the difference?
      I have to quote Allison, a friend from school on this one (even though this has been on my mind a lot lately she inspired me to actually write this post)…  She posted about this on Facebook recently.  She was referring to this article.

      I was thinking just the other day how tired I am of seeing this stuff, and all the other “get bikini ready” stuff on every news segment, TV show, commercial and website.  This cycle will never end until women everywhere stop promoting it themselves and decide to be healthy not skinny”

      I totally agree!

      This also came up in the conversation…

      Being overweight is not healthy, being underweight is not healthy. Healthy is putting nutritious food into your body (the right amount) and getting strong through exercise.  The point is that it should not be about the "perfect" bikini body or about appearances, instead we should be promoting TV segments and magazine articles that focus on living strong and healthy for life, not for bikini season.

      Preach it sister!!

      Don’t get me wrong I don’t think there’s anything wrong with rocking a bikini if you feel comfortable and confident in one!  I don’t happen to (and probably never will) so I think that maybe I resent the fact that all these advertisements are only showing the super skinny people in their bikinis and making women feel like they aren’t healthy unless they look this way.

      Does anyone else have thoughts on this?  Seriously this would be great to have a conversation about- just leave a comment below!



      1. I have personally tried so many different diets…low carb, low fat, juice diet, vegetarian and on and on. I am sure I will never be bikini ready, but exercise and healthy food in limited portions have helped me to lose! And, even though I have lost 15% of my body weight, I look nowhere like a swimsuit model and hate that I am “different” than other women. Even though I work out more than the average person, my outer appearance doenst show that to the world. I can understand why women want to be “bikini ready”.

        • You’re doing it the right way Jaime and I’m so incredibly proud of you and inspired by your success and hard work!! I totally understand what you’re saying! I think it’s also important for us to remember that most normal women don’t look like this! It’s about health not perfection!

      2. I full heartily agree with this! I am blessed with a fast metabolism. And I get many comments. “Why are you exercising? You are already so tiny?”, “You don’t have to worry about eating healthy.” I exercise because it’s good for my heart, brains,bones, muscles, and lungs! I eat healthy because it’s good for my whole body! I may be petite, but I’m far from fit. I have a long way to go. Eating healthy is easy to me. It’s staying motivated to exercise that is hard.

        • I’ve never really thought much about it from this angle because I’ve always had a weight problem. I imagine it’s pretty frustrating and it’s sad that people judge or make comments about that. Just like you said- just because a person is small doesn’t necessarily mean they’re fit or healthy!

      3. I wanted to add that I’m also nowhere close to a bikini body. I hate how society expects women to have big boobs, tiny waists, and flat tummies.

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