Spring break, day 1!

Hooray for spring break!

I didn’t really do anything super productive today.  However I did get some grocery shopping done, which I always have a hard time doing because I’m always either at school or at work.  This is the first time I’ve been able to do any leisurely grocery shopping in a long time!

I hopped over to Costco and picked up some veggies (my Costco just started carrying Organic Romaine- yay!)


Then Sprouts!


Annie’s Goddess dressing is maybe my favorite salad dressing in the world!  I also got some coconut water, chickpeas, dried cherries, golden flax seeds, and COCONUT FLOUR!  I have some major pancake plans for that!!!

Then a stop at Hobby Lobby for some cute new fabric for blog pictures!  They’re very spring-y!



Then some juice!  I was feeling really bad when I got back from shopping.  I think I was dehydrated.  But I chugged some water and had my juice and I felt better. Today’s juice was a few handfuls of baby carrots, an orange, 2 apples, and a hunk of ginger (inspired by Lara!).  It was amaaaaziiiiing!  Clearly I should have ironed the fabric first.




I wasn’t really feeling up for kickboxing tonight, so I’m taking it easy and I’m going to go for an extra long run tomorrow.

For dinner we made Mama Peas Cheesy Dijon Pasta Bake.  I used shells in mine, and I also used breadcrumbs instead of cracker crumbs.  And we served it up with a side salad with my fav Annie’s dressing!





Great way to start off spring break!!

Till tomorrow…

Happy snacking!



  1. I’m glad you liked the juice! I have been craving one all day. I’ll have to make it first thing tomorrow!

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