happy early birthday to me!

My birthday is on Sunday, which also happens to be fathers day, so we are celebrating early.  Justin is taking me out for the day.  I think we’re going to the Botanical Gardens (to test out my present, more on that in a minute), then maybe a movie and some dinner.  It’s fun because I get to celebrate, but I don’t have to be a year older until Sunday, hehehe.

My birthday present.  I got a new CAMERA!!!  I can’t wait to test it out- it’s a great camera!  It’s charging right now and I’m getting really impatient to use it.  Here are some pictures of the new camera taken by the old camera (lol).


Look how small it is!


WEEEEEEEE!!!!  I can’t wait to start using it for food pictures!

Speaking of food, we had some birds in a nest for breakfast (is that what they’re called?  It’s where you cook the egg in a hole in the bread.  ah well, whatever it’s called, haha)


Served with some grapes and coffee.


I didn’t eat all of mine- I didn’t cook the egg quite enough.  I like mine over medium- yolk a little runny.  I think it was more over easy- there was still egg white that was runny, hurl!  Oh well, that just saves me more calories for tonight!  I think we’re going to Uncle Julio’s for dinner.  I’ve been wanting to go there for a while.  You can bet there will be some margaritas involved!!

Time to go- adios!!!