Fit Fab Friday!

What up peeps?!  It’s time for another Fit Friday! 

Guess what? 

My broken toe is almost healed!  (I can almost bend the toe now without searing pain shooting through my foot!  Almost.)

And guess what else?

I ran this week!!!  Open-mouthed smile

This week I was able to work out 3 times- one day of walking (2 miles) + weights, one day on the elliptical (40 mins) + weights, and one day of jogging (1 mile).

I’m so so happy I’m able to be more active again!  And I’m totally pumped for next weeks workouts!

So here’s what I have planned for next week… (with the obvious stipulation that if my toe starts hurting then I need to stop)

Today(Friday)- 2 mile run + weights
Saturday- walk (2 miles, maybe 3)
Sunday- REST
Monday-  Kickboxing!  (It’s been forever since I’ve been and now that I can put shoes on for more than a few minutes it’s time I got my booty back there!)
Tuesday- Elliptical + weights
Wednesday– 2 mile run
Thursday- Bodypump (I keep saying I’m going to take this class and then I chicken out at the last minute.  I’m gun shy about these kinds of classes because I went to a S.E.T. class at the gym once and the teacher was horrid and called me out in front of the class and embarrassed me so I haven’t been back to a weights-based class since).  We’ll give it a try and see what happens!

How were your workouts this week??

Hooray for being fit and fab!  Oh, and hooray for Friday as well!!!


Fitness Friday: bum toe addition

So last week’s Fitness Friday didn’t really work out too well.  I think I was a bit too ambitious with my workouts.

On Friday I went to work and I could barely get my foot into my shoe.  It was a miserable evening at work.  I came home, iced my foot and got up and tried to go in on Saturday.  I couldn’t get my foot into the shoes I had worn the day before so I put on the only shoes I could get on- they were a pair of canvas slip-ons.  Bad bad bad idea.  I had no longer been there an hour and some lady runs over my foot (the one with the broken toe of course) with a shopping cart.  (seriously the people that shop there are incredibly rude- this is not the first time I’ve gotten hit with a shopping cart).  I didn’t finish the day out- I went home in tears and told them I wouldn’t be back the next day either.  The next day my whole foot was swollen.  It was horrible!

Suffice it to say I didn’t work out this week.  This broken toe hurts so much worse than the last time I broke it.  The bruising is pretty much gone (thanks Kenisio tape!!!) but it still hurts incredibly badly! 

So this week here’s my plan:

  • Continue to see (on a day-by-day basis) if it feels comfortable enough to walk on with a shoe on.  If it does, go for a walk.  Even if it’s a short one!
  • If I cant wear a shoe I can’t go to the gym.  So this week I’m planning to do some weights at home (I have 5 and 10 lb weights).

That’s all I got!

I am so ready for this stupid toe to heal.  I WANNA RUN!!!


Anyone got anything fun planned for workouts this week??


Fitness Friday

So as per my last post, we all know I broke my poor little toe.  I have yet to be able to get it in a shoe (which will be interesting since I have to work tonight so I will need to figure out some way to cram my foot into a shoe).  And no shoes + barely being able to walk= no workouts this week.

I’m going crazy here!

I feel like I’m losing the mileage I had built up because I haven’t been able to run!  Sad smile

But the toe is starting to feel a little better (thanks to Kenisio taping + icing!) so I’m thinking I may be able to do something next week. 

So pending the ability to put my foot into a shoe, here’s the plan Stan:

  • Walking at not too fast of a pace (if I can- if it’s painful I’ll stop obvi)
  • OR maybe the elliptical (at a slow pace)?  We’ll just have to see about that one- I think I’ll know right after I get on the machine if I’ll be able to do it or not.
  • Strength training!  I’m planning on hitting up the gym and getting my lifting on- at least my arms could get a workout even if I can’t do any cardio!

My exercise goal is to workout 3 days this week.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!


What are your fitness goals for this week??



No running in the house!

So you know how when you’re a kid and your mom says “No running in the house!”?  You know why she says that? 

Because you will break something- other than the lamp that you’ll probably knock over.

Like a toe.





I’m glad I got a pedicure the day before that happened, haha!

This is day 3- the swelling has gone down a teeny bit, but it’s looking grosser and grosser!

I hope my poor little toe isn’t permanently crooked!

The only way I can stand to walk right now at all is if I buddy tape my toe up to his next door neighbor (which I believe is what you’re supposed to do with a broken toe anyway?)


Forget about shoes- it ain’t happening without a whole lot of screaming!  I’m not sure how I’m going to go to work this weekend- we’re not allowed to wear open toe shoes!

And working out?  Not sure that’s possible.  I can’t run.  I can’t do yoga- already tried, hurts too much.  I know I could swim, but I don’t really swim.  I never learned how, all I can really do is paddle around a little, lol. 


And this is why you don’t run in the house kids!