Frustrations and free salads

I’m frustrated with my schedule for next semester.  Because I got hosed by financial aid I have to work A LOT this year, which also means I have to take fewer classes.  And there just aren’t many classes offered next semester that will fit into my criteria, so it looks like I will only be taking two classes next semester.  A&P(which I had this semester but dropped and I’m SO glad I did- there’s no way I would have survived the semester if I hadn’t dropped it!) and Food Microbiology.  And since I can only take 2 classes that officially puts me at least a semester behind where I wanted to be with my degree plan.  :(  And I don’t think I’ll be able to take classes this summer(see above note about getting hosed by financial aid).  This super sucks!  Maybe next year the financial aid office won’t be so incredibly horrid to me and I can take an extra class or two to make up for this year…

Anyway, enough with the heavy!  Who wants some FREE SALAD?!  Like forever ago foodbuzz/fresh express sent out a bunch of salad coupons and I completely forgot about them!  I found them the other day and I was like yipee! 

Want a coupon?

The first FIVE people that leave a comment (on my actual blog, not on facebook or twitter) will get some free salad!  Just comment telling me your favorite things to put on your salad and that coupon is yours! 


P.S. thanks foodbuzz and fresh express!!!


Last night I had this really yummy salad for dinner…

Spinach, Annie’s Goddess Dressing, mushrooms, carrot, chickpeas, tomatoes, and sunflower seeds.  NOM!


Well, gotta run!  I’ve got juice to juice, a paper to write, homework to do, and a test to study for!