Fitness Friday

So as per my last post, we all know I broke my poor little toe.  I have yet to be able to get it in a shoe (which will be interesting since I have to work tonight so I will need to figure out some way to cram my foot into a shoe).  And no shoes + barely being able to walk= no workouts this week.

I’m going crazy here!

I feel like I’m losing the mileage I had built up because I haven’t been able to run!  Sad smile

But the toe is starting to feel a little better (thanks to Kenisio taping + icing!) so I’m thinking I may be able to do something next week. 

So pending the ability to put my foot into a shoe, here’s the plan Stan:

  • Walking at not too fast of a pace (if I can- if it’s painful I’ll stop obvi)
  • OR maybe the elliptical (at a slow pace)?  We’ll just have to see about that one- I think I’ll know right after I get on the machine if I’ll be able to do it or not.
  • Strength training!  I’m planning on hitting up the gym and getting my lifting on- at least my arms could get a workout even if I can’t do any cardio!

My exercise goal is to workout 3 days this week.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!


What are your fitness goals for this week??



No running in the house!

So you know how when you’re a kid and your mom says “No running in the house!”?  You know why she says that? 

Because you will break something- other than the lamp that you’ll probably knock over.

Like a toe.





I’m glad I got a pedicure the day before that happened, haha!

This is day 3- the swelling has gone down a teeny bit, but it’s looking grosser and grosser!

I hope my poor little toe isn’t permanently crooked!

The only way I can stand to walk right now at all is if I buddy tape my toe up to his next door neighbor (which I believe is what you’re supposed to do with a broken toe anyway?)


Forget about shoes- it ain’t happening without a whole lot of screaming!  I’m not sure how I’m going to go to work this weekend- we’re not allowed to wear open toe shoes!

And working out?  Not sure that’s possible.  I can’t run.  I can’t do yoga- already tried, hurts too much.  I know I could swim, but I don’t really swim.  I never learned how, all I can really do is paddle around a little, lol. 


And this is why you don’t run in the house kids!