May fitness challenge

April’s fitness challenge was a total bust!  I had bronchitis most of the month, I tried to work out anyway.  That actually made it worse, so I went to the Dr., got some meds, was told no working out till I finished my meds.  So I said yes ma’am and followed orders!

But May is a new month, I’m done with meds, and ready to work out!!

I can’t really make myself a workout schedule like I did last month because I have NO idea what my schedule is going to look like from week to week.  I’ll probably be working full time this summer so who knows what my schedule will look like!

So instead of a structured schedule, I’ll just have to play it by ear week-to-week.  However I can make some general goals for myself!

Goal 1:
Work out 5 days/week.  This month I’d like to focus mainly on running, biking(before it gets too hot!), and yoga!!!

Goal 2:
Be able to comfortably run 5 miles by the end of the month. 

Goal 3:
To be able to do more yoga poses in yoga class without altering them

I’ve been jonesing to buy a bread machine!  I am an awesome baker, but one thing I cannot bake is bread.  I’ve tried and tried, but I’ve finally had to admit that I am just incapable of baking bread.  I used to use my mom’s bread machine all the time when I was a teenager.  I made not only breads, but also pizza dough, and dough for cinnamon rolls in that thing and they always turned out awesome.  So I did some research and read a ton of reviews and this is the one I decided I want!  Yay for fresh bread!

I’m giving myself 3 free days this month in case I get sick.  If I need them, great.  If I don’t, even better!  If I don’t use any of them I’m going to throw in an extra little reward- I haven’t decided exactly what yet, but I do need some new makeup…


Ta-da!  May fitness challenge starts…. NOW!!