Oh hey it’s 2013!

Oh hey! Remember me?? I used to blog a lot.

And then last semester happened.

It was a rough semester.

My toughest semester yet in terms of how difficult the classes were.  I had something to prove to myself and I proved it!

Look at these grades…  (I blacked out my student ID info. Can’t be too careful!)



4.0 baby!!  I feel a great sense of accomplishment for it but I’m not sure it was worth the sheer amount of time I spent studying. Every single day and night.  I had no time to go out with friends (if I still have any left after blowing them off all semester that is).  I also had to work to pay for tuition this semester because I didn’t get any financial aid.  So it was pretty much work study work study work study.  It was definitely a miserable exhausting semester and I really need to work on balance a bit more next semester.  But I did prove to myself that I could keep going even when I was ready to give up because it was something that was very important to me.


I do have to say that I found my passion this semester though.  I absolutely adored my Medical Nutrition Therapy class!  I knew I wanted to be a RD but it wasn’t until this semester that I knew 100% that I wanted to be a clinical RD. I love love love it!  I’m really excited about my internship (wherever/whenever that may be.  It’s still up in the air until April!) and my first real job as a RD. I can’t wait!!


More balance this year is my main goal.  I definitely need to work on my “all or nothing” mentality a bit more.  Less worrying about grades, more blogging, more cooking, and more friends.


Here’s to 2013! DCFB33FA1087C7ABE7ECAC74BDFF501E