busy bee

I got so much done today!  It was one of those fast and furious days, though.

I had to get up super duper early and drive the hour to my alma mater to pick up two copies of my transcripts for registration tomorrow.  I got there, took care of that, then headed home.

My breakfast was seriously so unremarkable that I didn’t even bother to take a picture.  Plain english muffin stuffed into my gullet on the way out the door.  Boring!

When I got home I started some laundry and made a fabulous wrap for lunch!

This was the star of lunch.  The ez 4:9 tortilla.  These things are awesome!  Between the stellar nutritionals, completely orgainic ingredients, and the fact that they’re a complete protein, I say you can’t beat that with a stick!!


Onto the tortilla I put 1/3 cup black beans, 1/4 cup red. fat cheese, and a pinch each of cumin and chili powder.  Then I melted the cheese in the micro.

On top went my favorite hot sauce!


And lettuce, 2 oz avocado, and a few dollops of Fage(awesome sub for sour cream, BTW!)

Then wrap and roll…

The finished product…


Don’t forget desert!  Mmmmm- processed ice creamy goodness! LOL


Then more housework!

Then snacky time!


Then play with the puppy time!  She’s getting gigantic!!  She’s also a little monster, lol.  She’s into EVERYthing right now- nothing is off limits to her.  I caught her dragging some of my undies around the house earlier!  Cute little turd!


Then it was gym time!  50 minutes with my trainer, who decided to kill me today, haha.  Seriously though, I think she might have it in for me 😉

Dinner was a super healthy sloppy joe recipe from one of my favorite ladies- Ellie Krieger! (I want to be her when I grow up)  Here’s the recipe! I substituted ground turkey breast for the ground beef and it tasted great!  It also cut the calories down a bit too!

Served with some chips (Ruffles All Natural.  I was actually impressed with these!  Three ingredients- potatoes, sunflower oil, sea salt.  And tasty too!) and some pickle.


Well, time to hit the hay- I have an eaaaaarly start tomorrow.  Hopefully I will get some pics in.  Don’t really know what the orientation schedule will consist of, so we shall see.  Night!