Blog Makeover!!!

First of all HI!!!  I’ve been MIA for WEEKS because of school- they really pile the work on the last month of the semester.  Then finals… oy!  That has pretty much left my brain fried and I’ve not even known weather I was coming or going for weeks now!

But finals have been taken and I’m waiting for grades to see if my hard work paid off for the semester!  I only know two grades for certain so far- an A in my Literature in Nutrition class and an A in Biochemistry (I made a 100 on the final y’all! Whaaaatttt??) Everything else is up in the air a bit and one I’m borderline in so I’m praying they show kindness and curve it up- I’m like 1 point away, c’mon!)

So anyway over the last few weeks I’ve been working with Emily White Designs (formerly known as The Blog Fairy) on a new design for my blog!  And I absolutely ADORE what she came up with for me!

I told her I loved retro-y housewife and I gave her the colors I wanted and she really delivered! (seriously I adore 50’s stuff- In my head I’m totally a housewife in the 50’s).  I love the cute gal up at the top juggling the veggies and the pinks, greens, and blues!  I just love it all!!!!  I’m going to do a little more personalizing my widgets (how cool is it that she gave me widgets at the bottom?!) over the next few weeks but other than that how cool is my new blog???

So thank you thank you thank you Emily!!  I just adore it!

Also Emily is fantastic to work with guys!  If you are wanting a blog redesign (or even if you just want something small done- she does a la carte stuff too!) take a look at her site- you will not regret working with her.  She had so much patience with me especially since I was going through finals at the time of my redesign and my communication skills weren’t that great.  And also I had no idea what I wanted when we started- she really just took my ideas and made them into something I love!

YAY for new blog designs and YAY for being back to blogging!  I have so many recipes coming at you over the next few months!


Fruit the size of my head

Hey y’all!  I’ve been a horrible horrible blogger lately- I’ve posted maybe once a week for the last couple of months?  I’m going to try to make more of an effort to post more often, and not just recipes (especially since my school schedule is wonky this semester and I won’t have as much time to put into developing recipes.  Sadface.)

School is back in full force.  This semester is so weird.  I feel like my schedule is all over the place and my commute is right during rush hour so it takes me anywhere from 2-3 hrs to get home some days.  And by the time I do get home sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic for that long leaves me exhausted and all I want to do is go straight to bed.

This semester I’m taking Human Anatomy & Physiology, Bionutrition (which is actually a Biochemistry class), and Literature in Nutrition and Food Science

I took a Biology class at the local community class this summer to prep for A&P and I’m soooo glad I did!  I feel totally ahead of the game in my science classes and I’m fairly certain that I’m going to do really well in them! 

My literature class I’m also really enjoying.  We’re learning how to do and present research and today we worked with a research librarian in the library.  I got some really helpful information and I’m pumped to get started on my research projects!  We broke up into groups and started talking about our group research project- I ended up in a group with 2 really great girls and I’m really excited about working with them!!

What else??

I’m going to start blogging my weigh-ins again I think.  Maybe not every single week but sometimes.  It’s going pretty well- I’ve lost almost 5 lbs this month so that’s definitely something to celebrate!!

And just for your entertainment…

Fruit the size of my head!



It’s a Pummelo.  It’s like a grapefruit but a little sweeter.


Unfortunately it’s got a really thick rind (is that what it’s called?) and inside it’s really only the size of a grapefruit.  And like twice as expensive.  Oh well, it’s still fun to try new things!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!


WIAW + WHAW(What Harley Ate Wednesday)

Hey friends!!!  School is officially back in session and I have a few random thoughts on my classes/teachers…

1. One of my teachers might be insane.  Literally.

2. I HATE classes that are all interactive/group workey.  I like to go in, sit down, listen to an amazing lecture and take notes.  That’s the kind of class that I enjoy and I learn better that way because I’m not thinking about how much I hate doing stupid activities and group work the whole time.

3. One of my teachers is making us sit in assigned seats.  In alphabetical order.  I’m not even kidding.  I’m 31 years old people and I’m in COLLEGE- not elementary!

4. My GTA for food science lab is maybe the funniest and craziest people I’ve ever met and I want to be her BFF!

5. I’m already in love with my Sports Nutrition class.  I’m totally obsessed with it and I’ve already read several of the chapters in the textbook even though I don’t need to read them yet.  This is a career path that I am definitely interested in learning more about.  The subject is fascinating.  I just wish the class was a lecture class instead of online.


I took my WIAW pics yesterday so I could show some examples of some typical school-day meals.


For breakfast I usually stick to toast/cereal/fruit type things because it’s easy and quick.  But since it was the first day of school I decided to actually make something.  I made the pumpkin cream pie oats from the Peas and Thank You cookbook. (p.s. this cookbook is amazing- you should get it ASAP!)

I topped it with some Barney Butter from my HLS swag bag and a drizzle of agave nectar- it was SO good, but I think I’ll appreciate it more when the weather cools off a bit(it was 106 yesterday!!!)

(oh and p.s. I took all these pics from my new cell phone (the Samsung Infuse).  It has an amazing camera for a phone!!)


2011-08-30 06.28.56-2

2011-08-30 06.29.37-2


I packed up a nice assortment of goodies for lunch/snacks for school.

2011-08-30 06.14.35-2

Lunch was a PB&J on whole wheat, carrots + cukes + pretzels with hummus for dipping.  The apple slices and blueberries and dark chocolate almond milk were for between class and driving home snacks.


Dinner was easy thanks to all the preparation I did for this week by pre-chopping all my veggies!

Portobello Peppersteak stew served over Caulipots(mashed cauliflower+potato) from the Appetite for Reduction cookbook.  I used all portabellas instead of the using seitan and portabellas because I’m not a huge fan of seitan.  Oh. My. Goodness. This was sooooo good!  Definitely will be making this again!

2011-08-30 19.05.58-2

2011-08-30 20.00.19-2

2011-08-30 20.00.31-2



I also thought I would include a What Harley Ate Wednesday in this post.  She decided one of my textbooks looked tasty. 

2011-08-29 21.25.48-2

The cute face is deceiving people.





Crazy Lazy

That’s me.  I finished school for the semester on Monday.

On Tuesday all I did was paint my nails.


I couldn’t decide which color to go with.  I ended up with a good mandarin is hard to find! (love the OPI nail polish names!!)


And watch a Ghost Whisperer marathon.


I’m totally not kidding- that’s all I did all day!  I’ve been so sick lately that I really really just needed a day of rest where I didn’t do anything except let my body heal.  I’ve had bronchitis for almost 4 weeks now and I’m just now starting to feel better! 

And P.S. I LOOOOVE Ghost Whisperer!  And I think Jennifer Love Hewitt is maybe just the cutest thing ever!

Wednesday I cleaned a little and went to yoga and today I actually ran!  Hooray!  I think I’m almost back to normal except I still have to be on my inhaler even though I’m done with the steroids and antibiotics.  I needed it during my run today so I stopped running after about 2.5 miles- I didn’t want to push it too hard before my lungs are ready.

I guess I’ll stop being lazy now and get back into the flow of life.  I’m still trying to register for A&P in Maymester, but DCCCD is kind of dragging their feet getting my transcript processed so I can register.  So I may not be able to get into that Maymester class.  I’ll probably end up taking it during one of the regular summer sessions- no biggie!


Glad to be back to blogging again- lots of posts and recipes planned, can’t wait!!


April Goals

March was mostly a bust when it came to my goals.  Though I did get some running in- about 20 miles, so that’s not tooooo shabby.

But April is a new fabulous month and I’m feeling great (see yesterday’s post).  And I have some great goals for myself!

Now that I’m exercising so much I decided to push my goals a bit farther this month.  So I created a fitness challenge for myself for the month (a la Laura).  I’ll be posting that tomorrow!


This month I want to focus on nourishing my body more.  I kind of ate like crap last month.  I also had waaaay too much caffeine.  My goal is to cut my caffeine intake in half- I’m doing 1/2 decaf and 1/2 regular coffee and I’m limiting my coffee intake to only 1-2 cups in the morning.  I plan on drinking a lot more juice and getting in a lot more greens this month.


Now that I’ve dropped my super duper sucktastic class I will have more time to devote to pulling up my food microbiology grade.  I’m absolutely confident I can make an A in this class.  Right now I’m sitting on a low B, but the best thing about Dr. Gilman’s classes is the fact that she lets you drop a test grade.  And she gives extra credit opportunities.  We’ve only had two tests so far so I think I’ll be just fine.  But I still plan on rocking the tests this month!


I know it seems weird to have a goals post within a post about goals, but we all know that I’m a little weird by now, haha!  I’m going to start doing weekly goals for myself just because I make goals at the beginning of the month and they seem to fizzle out by the middle of the month.  I think making weekly goals will help keep them fresh in my mind and ultimately help me meet them!

So those are my goals for the month.  I’m sure I’ll be posting weekly goals soon!  Does anyone else make weekly or monthly goals for themselves?  I used to not do it, but I found that even if I don’t meet all of my goals it feels really good to push myself to go farther and I think it’s helping me become a better person!

Till tomorrow….