Man cannot live on bread alone

Oh but I can sure try!  Winking smile

I love bread.  It’s delicious!  And contrary to what some people say, bread is not evil.  Whole grains are crazy good for you, so why not go for whole grain bread?! 

I’m a firm believer in everything in moderation.  People that go to extremes (i.e. cutting out an entire food group) are the people who usually fail at a healthy diet and go back to extreme overeating of the unhealthy junk foods.  So I allow myself to have everything I want in moderation.  Why on earth would I want to live without bread?!  And cupcakes?  And even though I don’t eat dairy I still get to have my fill of yummy cheesy-ness in the form of Daiya cheese and even a delicious nutritional yeast cheese sauce.  (and yes I do get my calcium in!) It’s all about moderation- I still stay within my caloric intake for the day.  I still eat somewhere around 5-9 servings of veggies a day.  I get my nutrients in and savor the things that feel like a treat to me!

So anyway I recently got a bread machine (my reward to myself for my May fitness challenge- a teeny bit early since the challenge isn’t technically over yet, haha).

I read a TON of reviews.  I knew that I wanted one that was under $100.  I also knew that I wanted a horizontal loaf pan so that it actually looked like a loaf of bread instead of a weird tube shape that you get with the vertical loaf pan.

So I ended up with the West Bend 41300 Hi-Rise.  It’s even got two kneading blades!


I LOOOOOVE this thing!  Though I’ve tried many many times I am completely unable to make home made bread.  I’m not sure why.  I follow directions and recipes to a T.  But my bread NEVER turns out!

Not anymore!  Every loaf I’ve made in this thing has been amazing!

Applesauce bread from the bread machine diva!  SO amazing toasted and spread with a little earth balance!




Spelt sandwich bread from Mama Pea!  I think this will be my go to for sandwich bread.



I also made some pizza dough (the machine has a dough setting- how cool is that?!), but I forgot to take a picture.

Right now I’ve got some dough going for some soft pretzels.  Depending on how they turn out, I’ll hopefully be posting the recipe tomorrow!

Anyone out there have a tried and true bread machine recipe that they love and want to share?