Foodie Penpals, Part 2

First of all I have to apologize to my foodie penpal, Kristen for not having posted this sooner.  I’m so sorry Kristen!!  I tend to become the laziest person on the planet during school breaks.  I’ve literally done nothing but watch trashy TV shows the past couple of weeks and hang out on the sofa.  The lack of a proper routine makes me so lazy and I apologize!!

Anyway on to my foodie penpal!

Kristen lives in Japan and she sent me some Japanese goodies!  Because of the shipping distance I didn’t get the package until the day that foodie penpal posts were due to go up.  It was totally worth the wait though because Kristen sent me some awesome goodies!!

Here’s what I got…

A postcard from Okinawa, Japan- it’s where she lives.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!


The spicy…

I told Kristen how much I loved spicy stuff and she totally hooked me up!

Hot sauce!!  Kristen was also kind enough to label everything for me since it was all in Japanese.  This stuff is hottttt!!



A spicy seasoning.  This stuff is absolutely amazing!  I am almost out of it already so I need to figure out how to get more!  I’ve sprinkled it on kale chips, oven fries, and beans so far.  Love this stuff!!!


The sweet…



These little guys looked a lot like goldfish crackers, but they were filled with CHOCOLATE!!  Can’t go wrong there- they were so delicious!!!


Pocky!  I’ve had pocky before but never the strawberry flavor- delish!


That dark chocolate with Chili was amazing too- the perfect amount of spicyness with the dark chocolate.  mmmmm!

The savory…


Veggie chipssss!

Such a cute package!



Sweet potato chips!


My absolute favorite thing in the package (actually it’s a tie between this and the spicy seasoning).  Habanero chips!!  These things were so amazing!!  I’m not going to lie I devoured this entire bag in one sitting.  Spicy, crunchy, salty.  All of my favorite things!  I wouldn’t mind too much if you wanted to send me more of these!



I absolutely can’t say how much I loved my foodie penpal package this month- thank you so so much Kristen!!!!!  Sorry again that I was such an awful slacker about posting!

Check out what I sent my penpal here.

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Have a great day y’all!!