They say it’s your birthday

I’ve been MIA for much much too long!! We haven’t been able to get Internet service since we’ve moved and we’ll most likely be waiting a while on it anyway because we’re making two house payments right now and things are pretty tight! Who knows how long it will be until we have actual Internet at the house.

I’m about to head to work so I’m using the Internet at Starbucks right now and I’m posting on my iPad since I’ve yet to find my laptop in my unpacking. And also it might be awkward lugging my desktop in here!!

Anyhow it’s my birthday. It’s a tough one- 32! But I’m trying to start out the 32nd year of my life on a healthy note. Though I’d much rather wallow in misery and lay in bed and watch sappy movies all day!

I started out with a trip to the gym and hit up the elliptical! (I’m really hoping these pictures show up- I’ve never blogged from the wordpress app before)


And then finally got around to having my morning cup of coffee while I blog!


Now I’m headed to work! Have we talked about where I work?? My job is so much fun! I’m working for Good Karma Kitchen. It’s a vegetarian gluten free food truck and it has been hard work but such a blast! I’m getting some really great food service experience(and i DON’T have to work with meat!!!) and meeting some absolutely amazing people. And my two bosses are just the best. I feel so blessed to have found this job.



And those are my wild and crazy birthday plans! Wow I’m a party animal right? 😉

Have a great day y’all.

Starbucks is my BFF

Sorry, but it’s true!  I heart the bux!  (you’ll see later in the post)

I tried something new for breakfast this morning.  Oat bran.  I’m not 100% sure I love it.  It was a little bland, I think I need more toppings for it than I had this morning.


In the mix…

  • 1/4 cup oat bran
  • water
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 T barney butter
  • 2 tsp flax
  • 1 tsp wheat germ

Then it was off to work!  It was my last day at this particular school.  I was a pretty happy camper today because of this, but soooo busy!  I had to pack up the whole room today and get it all out of there.  I got it all done, but I’m exhausted!   And the classroom is so empty, it looked a little sad.  There was lots of good music and some fun times had in that classroom.  I’m going to miss it just a tiny bit I think.

Lunch was a sandwich (ham) with pepperjack and mustard (and LOTS of it!  I love mustard.  My dad is to blame for this, he’s a mustard maniac!), some Fage greek yogurt with about 1/4 cup blueberries.  Oh and a Babybel cheese.  Like these??  Click here for a coupon!!


Blueberry closeup!


And now onto my BFF.  My dear friend starbucks!  I haven’t been in forever (I don’t usually have extra calories to spend on it), but I neeeeeded some bux today!  So I had a nonfat iced mocha- mmmmmm!  B.F.F.


For dinner Justin and I went out to a new sushi/hibachi place in town.  It was pretty good (it was no Pirhana killer sushi though!  Nothing can beat that place!!).  I think it will do when I am seriously craving some sushi and I can’t get to funkytown for some Pirhana.  The Chapster and I split three rolls- California roll, Cajun roll, orange dragon roll.  The cajun roll was the best!  It had tuna, fried oyster, and spicy mayo!  Yummmers!

I forgot my camera 🙁

Anywho…. 2 and 1/2 days of work left- yipee!!!   See you tomorrow!