Tea Time

Yesterday Laura and I went on a little field trip!  We hit up Panera for an awesome lunch and I got a super awesome present from her!  (she also made me some cupcakes!)  I can’t wait to make something from this cookbook!!!


P.S.  we also got our plane tickets to Philly for the Healthy Living Summit!!!  Look out Philly, here we come!

From there we headed over to the Fort Worth Stockyards because we had been wanting to hit up The Spice and Tea Exchange for a while!


It was super cool and I got a few things that caught my interest!





These teas are both to die for (I’ve already tried both of them!).  Coconut Oolong, and Black Chocolate!!

IMG_4029 IMG_4028


I’m thinking this rub will be good for grilling some veggies- especially portabella mushrooms!



Spicy Cocoa Mix- it’s got cinnamon and hot peppers in it!  It reminded me of the Mexican Hot Chocolate I had when we were in Santa Fe- mmmmm!!!



And this Tuscany Blend I think I’ll put it in a little EVOO and use it for dipping some fresh bread in!  I think this was my favorite smelling item in the whole store!



We wandered around the stockyards for a while and I took a lot of pictures, but I’ll post them in a separate post tomorrow!


Have a spicy day!!  Winking smile