Fruit the size of my head

Hey y’all!  I’ve been a horrible horrible blogger lately- I’ve posted maybe once a week for the last couple of months?  I’m going to try to make more of an effort to post more often, and not just recipes (especially since my school schedule is wonky this semester and I won’t have as much time to put into developing recipes.  Sadface.)

School is back in full force.  This semester is so weird.  I feel like my schedule is all over the place and my commute is right during rush hour so it takes me anywhere from 2-3 hrs to get home some days.  And by the time I do get home sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic for that long leaves me exhausted and all I want to do is go straight to bed.

This semester I’m taking Human Anatomy & Physiology, Bionutrition (which is actually a Biochemistry class), and Literature in Nutrition and Food Science

I took a Biology class at the local community class this summer to prep for A&P and I’m soooo glad I did!  I feel totally ahead of the game in my science classes and I’m fairly certain that I’m going to do really well in them! 

My literature class I’m also really enjoying.  We’re learning how to do and present research and today we worked with a research librarian in the library.  I got some really helpful information and I’m pumped to get started on my research projects!  We broke up into groups and started talking about our group research project- I ended up in a group with 2 really great girls and I’m really excited about working with them!!

What else??

I’m going to start blogging my weigh-ins again I think.  Maybe not every single week but sometimes.  It’s going pretty well- I’ve lost almost 5 lbs this month so that’s definitely something to celebrate!!

And just for your entertainment…

Fruit the size of my head!



It’s a Pummelo.  It’s like a grapefruit but a little sweeter.


Unfortunately it’s got a really thick rind (is that what it’s called?) and inside it’s really only the size of a grapefruit.  And like twice as expensive.  Oh well, it’s still fun to try new things!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Weekly Weigh In: Week 11

Hey guys!!  I’m taking a break from the computer this weekend, but I did want to check in real quick and do my weekly weigh in.  Mostly because I had a really good weigh in and I’m super pumped about it!

Last week’s weight: 174.6
This week’s weight: 173.4

Change this week: –1.2
Total weight lost:  36.6 lbs



Yipee!!!  I didn’t really have a stellar week or anything but I guess my body was just being nice to me.  Whatever- I’ll take it!!

This week’s weight watchers meeting was about being successful at the grocery store, which of course, I’m pretty great at!  I was able to throw lots of tips in for other members.  I couldn’t believe how many people went to the grocery store without a plan and then complained about how expensive groceries were! 

I thought I’d share a couple of the tips I shared in the meeting for a successful grocery shopping trip with you!

  • ALWAYS go in with a plan.  Do not go in without a list.  This is when you come out with a gazillion items and nothing to actually make for dinner. 
  • Stick to the basics.  Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be expensive!  We’re on a pretty tight budget- sometimes I’m able to leave the store for $40-$50 with a weeks worth of groceries.  Sometimes it’s a little more. (I don’t use coupons- they’re a pain in the butt to me, but if you can find some good ones utilize them.  Otherwise scour your circulars that you get in the mail and build your meals around what’s on sale that week!) The basics are fruits, veggies, beans, grains, nuts.  Most processed foods do NOT fall into the basics category and you don’t NEED them! 
  • Set a routine. This makes a grocery shopping trip easier.  Here’s my routine… on Saturday mornings I go to my weight watchers meeting, then I go to Barnes and Noble (I usually have an hour and a half to kill between my meeting and kickboxing and B&N is right by my gym) and sit in the café and have some coffee and do a meal plan and my grocery list for the week.  Then I go to kickboxing.  I hit up the grocery store on my way home.  This makes my life so much easier because it’s become part of my Saturday morning routine!

These are just a few tips. I’m sure you guys have plenty you can share with me too- let’s hear them!  I’m always looking for good tips for grocery shopping!!

Hope you guys have a great weekend- I’ll be back on Monday with another great Meatless Monday recipe!


Weekly Weigh-In: Week 10

It’s technically week 11, but I didn’t post my last weigh in because I was out of town.  And I was waaaay up the last time I weighed in.

Last week’s weight: 176
This week’s weight: 174.6

Change this week: –1.4
Total weight lost:  35.4 lbs

(My scale at home said 173, but then I went to my weight watchers meeting and their scale said 174.6 so that’s what I’m going with since it’s more official.  I think I might just toss my scale at home since it’s old and apparently incorrect)




I do not like the way my weight loss graph looks at all.  I was rocking it in June and July and this month has not been great.  It’s up and down and up and down.  I would really really like to break into the 160’s.  In fact I’m so ready to be there that I gave myself an incentive since I’m coming up on my 50 lbs lost mark.  I’ve been wanting a Nook pretty badly, but I decided I would wait until I hit that 50 lbs lost.  So that’s my reward!  My food and exercise are all planned out this week and I’m SUPER motivated!

In my weight watchers meeting this week we talked about plateaus.  It was great- it was just what I needed to hear this week!!!

Here are a few suggestions if you’ve hit a plateau…

  • Track everything.  Every little bite and taste- those bites can add up to more calories than you think!  Sometimes you don’t even realize how many small bites of things that you’ve taken until you see it in your tracker.
  • Measure your food.  Don’t eyeball it- it’s almost always more food than you think it is!
  • Don’t fill up on fruit.  Sure, it’s zero points plus, but it still has calories.  And those calories really add up if you’re eating A LOT of the higher cal fruits every day- especially when you’re munching on it when you’re not really hungry (BTW I’m totally guilty of this!).   (p.s. please don’t misunderstand- I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat fruit!)
  • Follow the good health guidelines.  Are you getting in all of your servings of fruits and veggies?  Are you drinking enough water?  Your diet should be centered around fruits and veg, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.  Keep it simple- often the simplest foods are the healthiest!
  • Are you working out? If you’re not, you should start!  Start with a walk- it’s simple, and it’s free!  If you are working out, perhaps you should bump up the intensity level?  Just a few suggestions for you!

I will definitely be practicing what I preach this week!  Goodness knows I could stand to get out of this freaking plateau- I’m ready for my graph to not look like a roller coaster!

Anyone have any other suggestions for busting a plateau?  Feel free to share!!


Weekly Weigh In: Week 8

Last week’s weight: 172.2
This week’s weight: 172.2

Change this week: 0
Total weight lost:  37.8 lbs!!!!




Honestly I wasn’t really expecting much of a loss, if any this week.  I haven’t been able to work out at all this week.  BUT my bum toe is starting to feel much better (I was actually able to walk on the treadmill yesterday!) so I’m planning to be able to get some exercise in this week!

This week was pretty stressful as well- I had 2 tests, 4 quizzes, an extra credit assignment, and 4 chapters to read for my class.  Stress city!!!


So while I didn’t lose weight this week, I’m celebrating because I also didn’t gain weight!


Oh, and P.S. today is my last day of work!!!!!

Have a great weekend!


Weekly Weigh In: Week 7

Last week’s weight: 172.4
This week’s weight: 172.2

Change this week: –.2
Total weight lost:  37.8 lbs!!!!



Here are the reasons I’m ecstatic about this…

  • It’s “that time of the month” and I usually gain anywhere from 3-5 lbs but I actually LOST weight this time!  YIPEE!!!!
  • I haven’t worked out once this week cause, ya know, the whole broken phalange thing.  (I think the break is toward the top of the toe, so that would be phalange, yes?)

Oh and p.s. calorie counting was making me an insane person!  I was starting to obsess over the calories in a banana or an apple.  It was getting ridiculous and stressing me out.  And there’s no way I ‘m going to be able to lose weight if I’m freaking out and stressed about food all the time!  So I switched back to Weight Watchers(I know I may seem wishy washy but honestly I’m just trying different things right now to see what works best for me).  I’ve done weight watchers before- I’m actually a lifetime member. I know it works.

I know how the program works like the back of my hand.  It’s easy.  It’s familiar.  It’s not stressful!  Fruits and most veggies are free so I don’t have to freak out about eating a banana as a snack if I’m hungry and going over my calories- I can just eat it and enjoy it. It consistently works for me if I’m consistent with the program.  I’ve been back on it for two weeks and am losing weight consistently and not GAINING weight like I was counting calories!

So moral of the story is you need to find what works for YOU,  Not any one course of action works for every single person- our bodies are all different.  Calorie counting does not seem to work well for me.  It works great for some people though.  Weight Watchers works well for me, but it doesn’t work for everyone.  Some people can just focus on eating healthier and be able to easily lose weight.  That does not work for me, but if it does for you then you are a very lucky person and keep up the good work!

Happy Saturday- hope everyone has a good one!