What I Ate Wednesday #8 + more WHAW

Hey dudes and dudettes!!  Before I start WIAW I just wanted to throw out a quick reminder to enter my cookbook giveaway!  Remember that it ends on Friday at 5:00 pm CST! 

Also since I’m talking about the giveaway… I am completely amazed by the response for this!  I honestly had no plan to do a giveaway until I started writing the post, It was totally a whim!  But I feel so bad because so many people want a cookbook and I could only give out one.  So here’s what’s going to happen… I’m looking for a secret number of entries in the giveaway.  If we get to that number I’m going to give out TWO cookbooks instead of just one!  So make sure you enter the giveaway, tweet, facebook, and blog it so that you’ll have a better chance of winning one! (remember you can get up to three entries!)

Now onto some WIAW!!



Breakfast was the same old same old.  Cereal.  I love cereal.  Sometimes I eat cereal for dinner.  I’m not joking!

This morning in particular was Nature’s Path Heritage Flakes with banana slices, blueberries, and 1 cup almond milk.

Also, I don’t always remember to take a picture of it, but there’s ALWAYS coffee involved in some point of my morning!



Lunch was at home since I didn’t have school that particular day.

Green Juice (spinach, celery, cuke, apple), hummus wrap with soooo much Frank’s Red Hot, tabouli salad, and baby carrots.





Apple slices and pretzels with some home made butterscotch Peanut Butter (recipe coming very very soon- I promise.  I have to perfect it before I share!)




And finally, dinner.  This is my favorite dinner.  Ever.  This is Laura’s Pad Thai recipe.  I make mine with tofu instead of chicken obvi.  I also double up on the veggies!   It’s amazing.  I have dreams about the sauce.  I’m not joking!




Now, what did Harley eat this fine Wednesday?  Otherwise known as WHAW!

She shredded a whole roll of my kenisio tape!  This stuff is not that cheap either. Little turkey!


Pure.  Evil.  Winking smile



Hope you guys have some great eats on this amazing WIAW!


WIAW #7!

Oh my goodness- this is my 7th What I Ate Wednesday!  I really love doing the WIAW, not just because I like to post about food, which I do- hello food blogger here! Winking smile  But also because I like that I can give a small snapshot into what I eat on a daily basis.  I get a lot of questions about what in the world I eat if I don’t eat meat and dairy, so I’m glad that I can give people some ideas that are either thinking about going veg or are just trying to include more meatless meals in their lives! 

So let’s talk about food, shall we?!

Breakfast was a combo of cereals + tons of fruit.  I did 1/2 cup of the Nature’s Path Heritage Flakes and 1/2 cup of the Nature’s Path Optimum Slim and 1 cup of almond milk.  I like to mix my cereals, I’m such a rebel!  I also LOVE throwing tons of fruit on top of my cereal- my faves are bananas and any kind of berry!



Lunch was, of course, packed up and taken to school.  I love bringing leftovers to school for lunch. There are several places on campus where there is access to a microwave, so reheating is a cinch!

My lunch included pinto beans that I simmered with some Hatch Chilies.  ZOMG I could eat these all day long!  I also had a slice of cornbread, some baby carrots and cuke slices with a home made ranch for dipping (recipe coming tomorrow- check back!), and a peach!


Packed snacks included a peanut chocolate granola bar, some apple slices, and a little baggie of pecans(from my HLS swag bag!)



Then it was a brand new recipe I wanted to test out for dinner!  It turned out amazing and I’ll be posting it tomorrow, so make sure to check back!!

Buffalo Baked Tofu Wraps!  We also had some celery and carrots with a little home made ranch on the side and a few handfuls of baked chips.  Which I totally forgot to take pictures of because I was so darn excited about this wrap!  Haha!



What a tasty day!  What are YOU munching on today?!


WIAW + WHAW(What Harley Ate Wednesday)

Hey friends!!!  School is officially back in session and I have a few random thoughts on my classes/teachers…

1. One of my teachers might be insane.  Literally.

2. I HATE classes that are all interactive/group workey.  I like to go in, sit down, listen to an amazing lecture and take notes.  That’s the kind of class that I enjoy and I learn better that way because I’m not thinking about how much I hate doing stupid activities and group work the whole time.

3. One of my teachers is making us sit in assigned seats.  In alphabetical order.  I’m not even kidding.  I’m 31 years old people and I’m in COLLEGE- not elementary!

4. My GTA for food science lab is maybe the funniest and craziest people I’ve ever met and I want to be her BFF!

5. I’m already in love with my Sports Nutrition class.  I’m totally obsessed with it and I’ve already read several of the chapters in the textbook even though I don’t need to read them yet.  This is a career path that I am definitely interested in learning more about.  The subject is fascinating.  I just wish the class was a lecture class instead of online.


I took my WIAW pics yesterday so I could show some examples of some typical school-day meals.


For breakfast I usually stick to toast/cereal/fruit type things because it’s easy and quick.  But since it was the first day of school I decided to actually make something.  I made the pumpkin cream pie oats from the Peas and Thank You cookbook. (p.s. this cookbook is amazing- you should get it ASAP!)

I topped it with some Barney Butter from my HLS swag bag and a drizzle of agave nectar- it was SO good, but I think I’ll appreciate it more when the weather cools off a bit(it was 106 yesterday!!!)

(oh and p.s. I took all these pics from my new cell phone (the Samsung Infuse).  It has an amazing camera for a phone!!)


2011-08-30 06.28.56-2

2011-08-30 06.29.37-2


I packed up a nice assortment of goodies for lunch/snacks for school.

2011-08-30 06.14.35-2

Lunch was a PB&J on whole wheat, carrots + cukes + pretzels with hummus for dipping.  The apple slices and blueberries and dark chocolate almond milk were for between class and driving home snacks.


Dinner was easy thanks to all the preparation I did for this week by pre-chopping all my veggies!

Portobello Peppersteak stew served over Caulipots(mashed cauliflower+potato) from the Appetite for Reduction cookbook.  I used all portabellas instead of the using seitan and portabellas because I’m not a huge fan of seitan.  Oh. My. Goodness. This was sooooo good!  Definitely will be making this again!

2011-08-30 19.05.58-2

2011-08-30 20.00.19-2

2011-08-30 20.00.31-2



I also thought I would include a What Harley Ate Wednesday in this post.  She decided one of my textbooks looked tasty. 

2011-08-29 21.25.48-2

The cute face is deceiving people.





WIAW: New York Edition


It’s time for another What I Ate Wednesday friends!!  This week’s is a New York edition!
I think my favorite meal of the NYC trip was the Indian food that we had the first day we were here.  I’m totally going to be re-creating it when I get home!
This isn’t all of the food we ate over the last few days, but it’s quite a bit of it!  Here are a few of the highlights…


We stopped at Ess-A-Bagel twice for breakfast on our trip!  OMG so good!

IMG_4676 IMG_4677


They had a tofu cream cheese that was fabulous- so much better than the tofu cream cheese that I usually get at home.  This first day I got an everything bagel with 1/2 vegetable cream cheese and 1/2 herbed cream cheese.  The second time we went I got a pumpernickel bagel with 1/2 vegetable cream cheese and 1/2 walnut raisin cream cheese (I forgot to take a picture of this one- I was starving!).  And I am now in love with pumpernickel!



IMG_4682 IMG_4685


Lena.  It was kind of chipotle-esque.  I got a wrap with black beans, avocado, grilled corn, lettuce, and pico de gallo.  I just thought it was ehh.  The wrap wasn’t great so I ended up dumping it out on my plate and eating it like a salad.  The rest of the girls really seemed to enjoy their salads though, so maybe it was just my food?


IMG_4720 IMG_4722

Sooooo much coffee was consumed on this trip!!!!



You’ve heard of PB&Co, yes??  Did you know that they have a café in NYC?  Did you know that they make amazing PBJs??  Yes, we totally ate PBJs while in NYC!!

IMG_4729 IMG_4730


Before we left we had to visit Babycakes!



IMG_4755 IMG_4756
IMG_4753 IMG_4754


I really really wish I could say that it was amazing.  It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t as amazing as I expected it to be.  I got a carrot cupcake and a cookie sandwich.  I haven’t had the cookie sandwich yet so I will reserve my judgment until I’ve tried it.  The cake in the cupcake was super moist and delicious- I think I just wasn’t in love with the frosting.


And the last stop of the Sarah Snacks NYC food adventure is Chickpea.  This was my favorite stop!!!  Their falafels were baked, not fried.  And they stuff it in a whole wheat pita, you get your choice of hummus and toppings and a little tahini on top.  DELICIOUS!!!  We really need one of these in TX!

IMG_4738 IMG_4737
IMG_4741 IMG_4746


Well, our trip to NYC has come to an end! Sad smile

Michelle and Rachel headed home for Philly and Boston, respectively and we miss them so much!  Laura and I are stuck at the airport still- our flight is delayed.

We’re about to start clicking our heels together and saying “there’s no place like home…”


WIAW: Austin Edition

Hey friends!  Our internet has been down since we’ve been back from our trip so I haven’t been able to post this until today, so I thought I’d incorporate it into my WIAW post!

Not only has the internet been down (and just got repaired about an hour ago), but my car died and has been in the shop!  The power steering pump went out and it’s costing some mega bucks to get it fixed!  I have all the luck, huh?!  Sigh.

Our last day in Austin was filled with amazing food!

Starting with some Biscuits and Groovy for breakfast!  These biscuits were indeed groovy!

Biscuits + veggie sausage + french press coffee = one happy girl!


Lunch was at the MOTHER of all whole foods!  Seriously I don’t think I can go back to my normal whole foods after going to that one!  It was ginormous!!

Salad with a little of this and a little of that and with tahini dressing!


Lime sparkling mineral water that I’m now obsessed with.  Thanks Laura!


An amaaaazing samosa!  Potatoes + peas + curry= can’t go wrong with that!



Snack= juice from Daily Juice!  I got beet/orange/apple/ginger- mmmmmm!!!!



Dinner was pizza at Conan’s! (thanks to my friend Schuyler for the suggestion!)  Whole wheat deep dish pizza with veggies and dairy free (Daiya) cheese!  The crust was seriously phenomenal!



Dessert!!!  Another shake from the ice cream shop in Toy Joy!  This time I went for the chocolate mint- oh em gee!!!!





Shopping trip to SoCo (South Congress)!  Very cool area with some great funky shops!



We rounded out the evening with a trip to the South Congress Avenue bridge to see the bats come out!  I think we got there a little late because we only saw a few.  Oh well.  It was still pretty cool seeing all the people out there kayaking and checking out the bats!



Whew!  What a whirl-wind trip!  And I head out to Philly tomorrow morning for HLS!  Can’t wait!!!!