Wow, is it really my 9th What I Ate Wednesday?! 

I was looking over my pictures from this WIAW and I was thinking that it didn’t seem like a lot of food at first.  But then when I started thinking about what I ate and how I felt all day (aka I  really listened to my body and my stomach) it was a really great food day.  My stomach stayed perfectly satisfied all day.  I had a really balanced day with tons of really tasty food! 




Breakfast was an awesome cereal blend from the Engine 2 Diet book- it’s called Rip’s Big Bowl.  Love it!  I like to buy it in the bulk section at whole foods, they sell it premixed- it’s a blend of rolled oats, plain shredded wheat, Uncle Sam’s Cereal, Ezekial 4:9 cereal, walnuts, flax, and raisins.  I ate it over Organic plain soy yogurt and topped it all off with blueberries!  This combo kept me full for 5 hours.  Seriously.



For lunch I had a little pizza- whole wheat crust(my crust did not turn out amazing this time unfortunately), a whole zucchini sautéed, marinara, and a little Daiya Pepperjack cheese.  And a salad: kale and carrots with some avocado massaged in and a drizzle of lemon juice.



Afternoon snack attack!  Big ole peach and a pumpkin spice latte.  There was also an ounce of almonds that I forgot to take a picture of!



Dinner was a huge veggie stir fry- bell pepper, carrots, onions, tons of broccoli, and edamame with soba noodles and the peanut sauce from Laura’s Pad Thai recipe!  NOM!



And my evening sweet treat- two dates with 1 teaspoon each of dark chocolate peanut butter and butterscotch peanut butter.  OMG SO GOOD!  As much as I LOVE dates, they do not love me back.  They are so intensely sweet that they make my teeth hurt soooo badly!  Ah well.

2011-09-26 22.44.17


What a delicious day!  What are you munching on this WIAW?!



  1. yummy things! Doing my first one later today!

  2. mmm yum! I’ve heard of that breakfast. Didn’t know they sold it at WF, I’ll have to go take a look. I’m always looking for things to keep me full. What are the stats and serving size?

    • Yes, it’s in the bulk section by the cereals and granola’s. The serving size is 1/2 cup (sounds small but it’s actually really filling!). I think it’s 210 cal/serving if I remember correctly.

  3. Looks crazy good! Who cares about the pizza crust anyway? It looks AWESOME! 😀

  4. For the first time recently I tried a date with almond butter/peanut butter….oh my, where has this been all of my life?! Yum 🙂

  5. Ohh that Rip’s Big Bowl sounds tasty! (Any thing with Big in the title automatically earns some points from me. hahaha)

    Happy WIAW!!!

  6. Butterscotch peanut butter?? Where has that been hiding all my life? I need to go out and find some. You can’t even tell that your crust didn’t turn out well because the pizza looks so yummy.

  7. Ahhh, pumpkin spice latte! The best latte around! Happy WIAW!

  8. damnnnn those pad thai noodles look/sound so amazing! gotta give that peanut sauce a whirl now. Your photos are beautiful! everything looks so fricken good and tasty ya got me craving a veggie pizza like a crazy now! xxxx

  9. Congrats on listening to your body and eating healthily accordingly! Inspirational 🙂

  10. I have totally noticed the same thing with dates! They make my teeth hurt too! Weird! I still love them though!

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