WIAW + WHAW(What Harley Ate Wednesday)

Hey friends!!!  School is officially back in session and I have a few random thoughts on my classes/teachers…

1. One of my teachers might be insane.  Literally.

2. I HATE classes that are all interactive/group workey.  I like to go in, sit down, listen to an amazing lecture and take notes.  That’s the kind of class that I enjoy and I learn better that way because I’m not thinking about how much I hate doing stupid activities and group work the whole time.

3. One of my teachers is making us sit in assigned seats.  In alphabetical order.  I’m not even kidding.  I’m 31 years old people and I’m in COLLEGE- not elementary!

4. My GTA for food science lab is maybe the funniest and craziest people I’ve ever met and I want to be her BFF!

5. I’m already in love with my Sports Nutrition class.  I’m totally obsessed with it and I’ve already read several of the chapters in the textbook even though I don’t need to read them yet.  This is a career path that I am definitely interested in learning more about.  The subject is fascinating.  I just wish the class was a lecture class instead of online.


I took my WIAW pics yesterday so I could show some examples of some typical school-day meals.


For breakfast I usually stick to toast/cereal/fruit type things because it’s easy and quick.  But since it was the first day of school I decided to actually make something.  I made the pumpkin cream pie oats from the Peas and Thank You cookbook. (p.s. this cookbook is amazing- you should get it ASAP!)

I topped it with some Barney Butter from my HLS swag bag and a drizzle of agave nectar- it was SO good, but I think I’ll appreciate it more when the weather cools off a bit(it was 106 yesterday!!!)

(oh and p.s. I took all these pics from my new cell phone (the Samsung Infuse).  It has an amazing camera for a phone!!)


2011-08-30 06.28.56-2

2011-08-30 06.29.37-2


I packed up a nice assortment of goodies for lunch/snacks for school.

2011-08-30 06.14.35-2

Lunch was a PB&J on whole wheat, carrots + cukes + pretzels with hummus for dipping.  The apple slices and blueberries and dark chocolate almond milk were for between class and driving home snacks.


Dinner was easy thanks to all the preparation I did for this week by pre-chopping all my veggies!

Portobello Peppersteak stew served over Caulipots(mashed cauliflower+potato) from the Appetite for Reduction cookbook.  I used all portabellas instead of the using seitan and portabellas because I’m not a huge fan of seitan.  Oh. My. Goodness. This was sooooo good!  Definitely will be making this again!

2011-08-30 19.05.58-2

2011-08-30 20.00.19-2

2011-08-30 20.00.31-2



I also thought I would include a What Harley Ate Wednesday in this post.  She decided one of my textbooks looked tasty. 

2011-08-29 21.25.48-2

The cute face is deceiving people.






  1. Love the addition of WHAW! 😉 Too funny!

    That also seems ridiculous that you have to sit in ABC order in college… you are right. You are not in elementary school!

    Where do you find those cute packets of Barney butter and individual almond milk? I want some!

  2. Okay so our professor is not crazy, she’s just way different and comes from a business background. You would have hated B-school because you spend a lot of time networking and getting to know your classmates and doing group work. Her style is teaching is very very business!

    Also that recipe looks really good, even though I hate mushrooms. So kudos on that!

    And i’m still amazed that you can eat fruit for snacks without anything else. When I do that it makes my blood sugar spike and I’m starving like mavin (girllll) about 30 minutes later.

    • Crazy I say! Definitely never had an interest in taking a business class- the only one I’ve ever taken I took online!

      Fruit is my favorite snack!

  3. wow. I don’t know what it is about that breakfast but it looks fab!! If you think about it, it looks like creamy soup- do you blend the oats? Whatever it is, it has a beautiful color.

  4. omg i think you have world’s cutest dog! besides mine of course 🙂 but seriously…adorable!

  5. I’ve got a BS and MS in Food Science, so I loved seeing that book cover. Well, except for the chewed off corner….

    The pepper’steak’ looks awesome. I’m thinking my family would like that one.

    • That’s awesome! I’m loving the Food Science Lab, but not so much the lecture. I think it’s the teacher though… I don’t think she’s ever taught and she just reads off of the powerpoint slides. She didn’t give us a textbook for lecture, but I got that one because one of the previous food science teachers had it as their textbook. Does it have good info? Do you think it will be helpful?

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