Fit Fab Friday: Back to School Edition!

Hi friends!!  It’s been a while since my last Fit Fab Friday- it’s been a little crazy around here with all the trips I’ve been taking lately!

But I had a fabulous time and I’m back to a normal schedule (well, I will be next week when school starts!). 

Last week was very interesting workout-wise.  I only had one scheduled workout.  The roomies and I went to the gym at the hotel and I hopped on the treadmill and did 3 miles.  Other than that we did an incredible amount of walking!  We walked miles and miles every day- especially in New York. (I actually lost 3 lbs on this trip- that’s how much we walked!)

But now that I’m back to a normal-ish schedule I need to get back to my normal workouts!  So I planned my workouts ahead of time this week.  Doing this is sometimes hit or miss for me since I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of gal, but since I just got a new planner I’m kind of excited about planning stuff out ahead of time.

Something new I’m doing this week is adding strength training!  I know, I know…  I say I’m going to do this all the time, but I got a new book and I’m excited to try some of the workouts and I really really do need to start doing some strength training since I’m not working a job anymore that requires heavy lifting!


Anyone used this book?  I figure if I have a plan of attack for strength training when I go into the gym I will actually get something done instead of wandering around to random machines.

So here’s what this week looks like…

Today (Friday): 2 mile run

Saturday: Kickboxing (my favorite thing ever!)

Sunday: Walk at the park with the hubby and the pups

Monday: Kickboxing

Tuesday: Strength training at the gym (I don’t have my actual workout planned out yet- that’s my project for this afternoon!)

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Thursday: Strength training at the gym


What do we think about my plan of attack?  What kind of workouts are you doing this week(I’m always looking for ideas!)?