March Madness

Hooray for March!  The best thing about March is that spring is on its way!!  I was thinking about new year’s resolutions and whatnot and I decided that I maybe should start making monthly resolutions/goals for myself cause I kinda already forgot what my new years resolutions were, haha!

So here are my goals for March…


  • Watch my calorie count more carefully.  I’m eating really healthy stuff, just way too much of it!
  • Get more calcium.  My local HEB has kale for $.99 a bunch, look out calcium here I come!  Can you say massaged kale salad?!  YUM!
  • Get up a little earlier to make sure I have time to make some green juice!


  • Blog at least 5 times a week.
  • Take more pictures
  • Play with lighting and my new camera’s features more!


  • Start training for the 10K I’m going to do this summer!  Right now I’m at a comfortable 4 miles.  By the end of this month I’d like to be able to run a comfortable 5 miles- I think I can handle an extra mile in a months time!
  • Lift weights more often.  Now that I hit my thirties(yikes!) I worry about my bones more.  Nothing better than some weight bearing exercise to protect your bone density!

Personal life…

  • KISS (keep it simple Sarah).  I do SO much better in life when I just keep it simple!
  • stick to the budget better- I’m HORRIBLE at this!!
  • Turn negatives into positives.  For example, yes school is stressful, yes A&P sucks and the teacher isn’t so great HOWEVER I’m learning so much COOL stuff that I didn’t know before!!  Yes, I got screwed by financial aid this year and I have to work and try to balance school, HOWEVER I have a really cool job that will look great on my internship applications and I’ll owe a little less in student loans when I graduate because I didn’t get as much this year.  How’s that for you?!  I think we could ALL use a little less negativity in our lives, don’t you think?


Oh and it’s Texas Independence Day today!  Happy Birthday Texas!!!!!!!





See you tomorrow- happy snacking!