Weekly Weigh In: Week 6

Last week’s weight: 173.4
This week’s weight: 172.4

Change this week: -1
Total weight lost:  37.6 lbs!!!!



YES!  Finally!

This week I raised the amount of calories I was eating and that worried me a little as I was stepping on the scale, but I think it was just what my body needed.

I also lowered my fat intake this week.  I concentrated on only eating natural fats (i.e. ones that come directly from foods- not added oils like olive and canola oil).  I did have some earth balance on some bread earlier in the week, but overall I’ve just been trying to be mindful of and limit those added fats and oils. 

I was actually a little lazy about exercise this week- its just SO HOT outside!  It got up to 106 this week. I don’t want to do anything but sit under the AC all day.  I was definitely in no mood for exercise!  This is something that I’ll work on this week.

(p.s. post tomorrow about ways to cut excess fat from your diet!)

Have a great day!!!

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 4

Last week’s weight: 173.8
This week’s weight: 173.4

Change this week: -.4
Total weight lost:  36.6 lbs!

Looks like I lost what I gained last week. (p.s. last week’s gain was hormone related, know what I mean?)  I didn’t have the best week food-wise this week.  I went over my calories almost every day.  I was also fighting with an upset stomach most of the week, so I didn’t really work out much. Blah.

Tis a new week though!  And this week just feels like it’s going to be an awesome week!  I’m super pumped for this week- my new running shoes should be coming in really really soon, so I’m excited to break them in!!

And here’s what I like to see…  (this is just since the end of May- picture what it would look like with my old weight of 210 on there!)


See how that line is going in the right direction?  That’s what it’s all about! 


P.S. Thanks Liz for recommending livestrong.com for tracking calories, I loooooove it!  It’s very simple and the design of the site is just very clean.  It’s more user-friendly than SP I think! (and the recipe builder is easier to use too)


I think I’m going to go with a Jillian Michaels quote this week…

Unless you puke, faint, or die… KEEP GOING!!!”

This is what my exercise tactic will be this week- I think I need a little tough love to get my butt in gear!

Have an awesome week!


Weekly Weigh In: Week 3

Last week’s weight: 173.4
This week’s weight: 173.8

Change this week: +.4
Total weight lost:  36.2 lbs!


Well, I didn’t have the best week food or calorie-wise so I knew I might gain a little this week.  While it’s always a little disappointing to see the number going up instead of down, I’m choosing to focus on the total weight lost number and that number makes me happy.

I switched up the way I log my calories in the middle of the week this week- I was using a bodybugg(I’ve had it for forever and I found it when I was cleaning and decided to use it again), which is super cool because it tracks all the calories you’re burning throughout the day BUT the apex website super sucks.  Their database of foods is not so great.  It’s not that easy to log your calories or add new foods.  Plus it’s $10 a month.  The site was down for a whole day so I wasn’t able to log my calories, so I’m pretty sure I went waaaaay over.  That’s when I decided to switch.

I decided to switch to SparkPeople. I had played around with it a little in the past and I liked it.  When people ask me for a good website to track calories I usually send them to SparkPeople.  So I thought I would give it another go.  It’s free.  It’s pretty easy to use once you figure out how to use it (It can be a little confusing at first).  It has a huuuuuge database of foods and you can even find foods that other members have added manually.  There’s also a recipe calculator- I LOVE this!  Plus they have an iPhone app, so that makes it super easy to log my calories and workouts.

So in summary I’m choosing to focus on the overall fact that my weight is going down even though I gained this week.  It will eventually get where it needs to be.  On weeks like this it’s easy for me to say “oh screw it- I give up”.  That’s what I naturally want to do.  But I try my best to be a positive person so I’m just going to keep chugging along and know that I’m doing my best.

I’m going to leave you with my favorite quote, which really helps keep me on track especially on weeks like this…

“Believe in yourself, trust the process, change forever”  -Bob Harper



Weigh in Saturday: week 2

Good morning!!!!

It’s week 2 of my weigh in Saturdays!

Last week I weighed in at 174 and this morning my weight is 173.4!!! That’s -.6!

While that may not seem like a lot to some, that’s awesome for me. I don’t lose weight quickly or easily- i’ve always lost around .6-.8 a week. Sometimes I’ll lose a pound or even two, but that’s very rare.

So I’m very excited about my .6 this week. It’s going in the right direction and I know that all of my hard work will pay off in the end!

My only struggle this week was exercise- my fitness challenge didn’t start until halfway through the week, so there were a few days that I didn’t quite reach my calorie burn. But next week should be a lot better with exercise!

How did you do this week?

Weigh in Saturday

I originally started this blog to help keep me accountable and eating healthy on my weight loss journey. Even though I think it’s morphed into something better than a blog that’s just about weight loss, weight loss is still a really big part of my life.

The fact is that I used to weigh 210 pounds. I don’t anymore. I’m now at 174 (after this weeks weigh in). If you want to see my before picture check out the about me tab.

And even though I’ve kept off 36 pounds I’m still not in a healthy weight range for my height. I’ve been floundering around this weight for almost 3 years. Gaining a little, losing a little over and over again. It’s so frustrating. But then I realized that I really should be using my blog more to help keep me accountable. So that’s what I plan on doing.

I want to walk the walk and be a good, healthy example for my future patients. I have to confess that sometimes I go to class feeling like a fraud because I’m learning about how to make people healthier but I’m not at a healthy weight. It’s time to take the bull by the horns and officially really start to try to get the rest of this weight off!

I’ll be weighing in on Saturday mornings and posting my losses. I’m really excited about getting the rest of this weight off- it’s going to make running so much easier because I won’t have so much pressure on my knees- and I’ll probably be able to run faster too! 😀

Last weeks weight was 176. And this weeks weight is 174. That’s -2 lbs!

Hooray for weigh-in Saturdays!