Sorry I’ve been MIA the past week- things have been crazy!  It seems like I have a test every day lately.  And my lab practicals are killing me- why do they make this stuff so hard when we only get one hour credit for the lab?!  Grr!

Let’s see what’s come and gone since I last posted?

Valentines came and went.  My awesome hubby made dinner for us!  Pasta with veggies from The Vegan Table.  If you don’t own this cookbook you need to get it ASAP!  It’s my fav vegan cookbook! 

Oh and I have proof that he actually used the kitchen for something other than getting a glass of water- look!!





(in case you were wondering that is Field Roast Italian style sausage- made from grains…no piggies are allowed to be harmed in our house!!)


I got a sweet new teapot for valentines day- le creuset!!!




What else?  This past weekend I went to Austin with a couple of friends.  We went to a book signing.  It was Lisa McMann- she was super nice and signed our books and answered a million questions!  Loved her!










It was a whirlwind trip so I didn’t really get to take many pictures.  But it did make me realize that I have never gotten to spend any time in Austin, and how crazy is that because it’s the capitol of our state, plus it just happens to be the vegan capitol of TX as well!  I’d secretly love to move there- there’s so much to do, people are always out and about and there’s tons of music!  Maybe some day!  Hubby and I are planning to go back this summer for vacay!

I better get back to the books- I have a lab practical tomorrow!  I have tons of new recipes that will be going up soon, so stay tuned!


Happy snacking!




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