December Foodie Penpals, Part 1

Hey y’all!  It’s that time of the month again- foodie penpal time!!!  The reason that this post is going to be in two parts is because I just got my Foodie penpal package and haven’t had time to write about it yet (It came all the way from Japan and it’s the holidays as well so it took a little while to get here.) so I asked the awesome gal that I got this month as a penpal to do a guest post for me.  Lindsay is fabulous and as you’ll see in her guest post she’s a great writer- so I think we should all talk her into starting a blog.  I’m just saying!

So here’s Lindsay!!!


My name is Lindsay and I am just a reader, not a blogger. #truestory So I love the opportunity to get involved in the blogging community and Lindsay’s Foodie Pen Pals is the perfect way to do so! This month I was lucky enough to receive goodies from Sarah, and after I began reading her blog, I couldn’t be happier! I knew I was in for a real treat! Her recipes always look decadent, so I was ecstatic when my package this month contained many of her homemade items! (Please excuse my amateur photography skills with the pictures to follow. Amazing photography runs in my family, but it’s most definitely not me.)


My package came in this adorable snowman box! It is so cute and so festive and I can definitely reuse it, which I love! #gogreen!


In Sarah’s initial e-mail to me, she had asked if I celebrate Christmas or Chanukah. Being Jewish and celebrating Chanukah made me truly appreciate Sarah’s consideration. Don’t get me wrong, I get excited about the holiday time and love all of the festivities, but Santas and reindeer and ornaments just don’t excite me as they might do some. I just thought it was so sweet of Sarah to ask when most of our country assumes everyone celebrates Christmas. It says a lot about Sarah’s character and the type of person she is and I’m grateful for her thoughtfulness. I promise I’m not a Scrooge and I hope everyone who celebrates had a very Merry Christmas! (And for my fellow Jews a Happy Chanukah!) Along with the sweet Chanukah card, Sarah also sent some of Mama Pea’s Ranch Oyster Crackers! I had seen these on Mama Pea’s blog and thought they looked delicious, but, of course, hadn’t gotten around to making them yet. And delicious were they ever! Mmm mmm mmm! The bag is actually only halfway full because I tore into it immediately! #wannabebloggerfail


Godiva Chocolate Truffle Coffee? Yes, it’s really as good as it sounds! I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but have definitely enjoyed my fair share during this cold, wintery week off work. This coffee was the perfect treat! (My husband thanks you, too, Sarah!) Also, in the package was a Scentsy air freshener! This has a nice clean scent that is not too overpowering.


The three snack bars are right up my alley! I love having these treats as snacks throughout the day or pre/post workouts! Pecan Pie is definitely one of my favorites and I’ve never had Chocolate Peppermint Stick or Gingersnap, so I’m excited to try some new flavors.


How cute are these little guys packaged? It may seem simple, but each one is wrapped individually with a ribbon tying the top. I must apologize to my Foodie Pen Pal, Jordan, for not packaging any of my stuff as nicely as Sarah did! They tasted good, too!


I had to save the best for last. Dark Chocolate Almond Butter and Pumpkin Spice Almond Butter. #puredeliciousness I’m such a sucker for any kind of nut butters, and these sure did not disappoint! Seriously, I have been enjoying both of these butters on absolutely everything and anything. Oatmeal. Toast. Bananas. Straight out of the jar with a spoon. Or a fork. Or a knife. Or a finger

. And, Sarah included the recipes for both! I even got the Dark Chocolate Almond Butter recipe before she posted it for everyone else! Heh heh heh. And you know what? Neither of the recipes look too terribly daunting! I may even attempt it myself when my jars run out. (Like yesterday.)

So, thank you, Sarah, for my amazing package! I greatly enjoyed each and everything you sent me. I’ll let you send me homemade goodies anytime! Seriously, though… 🙂



Thanks again for the awesome guest post Lindsay!  I’m so happy you liked everything, and I’ll definitely send you some more goodies in the future!



  1. man, i’m totally jealous of this package. and lindsay should DEF start a blog!

  2. Nice job Sarah! I need to make your Dark Chocolate Almond Butter! I made your cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning brunch for my husband and I. They were so yummy and we finished (well he did!) the last one today!!

  3. Lindsay you should start a blog simply because you talk in twitter hash tags, and I’m now obsessed with you.

    Sarah, I would like snowman cookies. Kthx.

  4. Wow Sarah you sent some awesome stuff if your package to Lindsay! I’m super jealous of the nut butters, but already pinned the recipe for the Dark Chocolate Almond Butter 🙂


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