My first 10K

I meant to post this yesterday since it was national running day, but I got a little busy and ran out of time!

On Memorial Day I did my very first ever 10K!!!  It was crazy and amazing at the same time!  I had a couple of goals for this race… 1)Don’t die, 2)Finish, and 3)Finish in under an hour and a half.  And I definitely met all three of those goals!  My time was 1:24:54.  It felt soooo awesome to cross that finish line!

The course was crazy with some INSANE hills!!!  And around mile 5 my stomach started growling like crazy. Oops- nutrition fail!

So I met Laura, her boyfriend Matt, and her cousin Jennifer there.  Heather and Nicci were also there!

Heather, Laura, and Nicci did the 5K. 


(this pic stolen from Laura, who got it from Heather- gotta give credit where credit is due Winking smile)

And Matt, Jennifer and I did the 10K.


(thanks for the next few pics too Laura!)

Lookie who’s about to cross the finish line!

6.1.11 0136.1.11 014

6.1.11 015





Next up is a half marathon- I’m thinking the Cowtown in February!  Anyone know of a good training plan??




  1. That’s fantastic!!! WTG!

    Also, my mom drives a Mini too 🙂

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