My Go-To Sandwich Bread


I used to spend about $5 a loaf for a good organic whole wheat sammy bread!  (none of the stuff from the bread isle in the grocery store- it’s FULL of preservatives!  And some of those preservatives come from animals bones…ewwwww!!!!)  My bread machine has more than paid for itself already in the few weeks that I’ve had it (I got it on amazon for $79, but I’ve heard people say they’ve found awesome ones at the Goodwill for just a few dollars.)

This is my go-to bread for sandwiches.  I make a loaf at least 1-2 times per week!  This recipe is for a bread machine, but if you want to knead it out by hand and totally show me up you should go for it!!  (I was born with the inability to knead bread.  I’m totally not joking, I seriously can’t do it!  Enter the bread machine- the new love of my life.  Sorry hubby Winking smile)

Sarah Snacks Go-To Sammy Bread
(Print this recipe!)

1 cup warm water (110 F)
2 Tablespoons organic sugar
2 teaspoons yeast
2 Tablespoons canola oil
2-3 Tablespoons agave nectar (optional, but tasty if you want a honey-wheat type bread)
1 1/2 cups organic whole wheat flour (I like King Arthur)
1 1/2 cup organic bread flour (again, King Arthur)
1 teaspoon wheat gluten
1 teaspoon salt


Into the bread machine goes the warm water, sugar, and yeast.  Let proof for 10 minutes (you can just add it in with the flours if you want, but I really think you get a better rise on the bread if you proof the yeast first- especially since it’s mostly 100% whole wheat!)

Once the yeast is proofed, add in the rest of the ingredients according to your bread machines instructions- mine says to do wet ingredients first, then dry.

I set my machine to sandwich bread with a light crust.  And this will be a 1 to 1 1/2 lb loaf.

Let the bread machine do its thang.

(trick to slicing a loaf of sandwich bread… let it cool COMPLETELY before slicing.  I know it’s hard to wait, but you’ll get more even slices and they won’t fall apart as you slice!  Also make sure to use a bread knife!)



Ta Da!!!!


Perfect for a good old fashioned PBJ!!!






  1. Thanks for posting this! I’m going to give it a try this weekend.


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