New toy + an extremely addictive hummus wrap

First thing’s first… I got a fun new toy!!!

My department at work won a contest and we each got a $100 visa gift card!  I had been looking at a yogurt maker so I decided to go ahead and get one!  I got it from





I got it all washed up and ready to go for my first batch!




I decided to try rice milk for my first batch.  So I had a quart of rice milk, a tablespoon of organic sugar (the rice milk was unsweetened so I added a little sugar so that the bacteria would have some food), and some non-dairy yogurt starter (I ordered it from



So I heated the rice milk + sugar to 110 degrees, then mixed in 1/4 tsp of the starter.

Then I poured it into the yogurt maker and turned it on.

Now I wait for 6-8 hours!  I’ll let you know tomorrow how it turned out!



Now onto that addicting wrap!

Oh.  Em.  Gee.

This is maybe more addicting than heroine.

And it’s so simple!  I just took a Lavash wrap (found it at Whole Foods) and spread some hummus on it.  Then I sprinkled on some Daiya Mozzarella. 



Rolled it up and threw it in the skillet until both sides are crispy and brown.






WOWIE!  Great for a snack or for lunch paired up with a salad.

Try this ASAP!


Happy Snacking!




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