Speaking of peanut butter…

Hey speaking of peanut butter, I made my own!  I was really surprised how easy it was!!  I made almond butter over Christmas break (which I’m now almost out of so next time I make some more I’ll post the recipe) and that was pretty easy but quite a bit more involved than the peanut butter I just made.  And it’s so so good!

So here’s what I did…

Last time I was at Whole Foods I got some peanuts.  Roasted, unsalted. (you could probably roast them yourself, but why would you want to when you can get them already roasted? 😉 )



Then I threw them in the food processor with a couple of pinches of salt.



Then you start grinding!

At first they’ll look all mealy like this…


Keep grinding!


Then they’ll form a big chunk in your food processor. 


It’s OK.  Just be patient and eventually it will smooth out.  Keep grinding till it reaches the consistency you like.  I like mine a little bit runny.



I always have a million mason jars hanging around so I put mine in one of those.




Delicious!  Hope you give it a try- it’s so easy and everything tastes better home made!


Have a great evening- catch ya on the flip side!


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