Triumphant return and a giveaway

Let’s pretend this is my triumphant return to blogging, okay??  Unfortunately a stack of books is pretty much my life right now.  But I absolutely had to take the time for this post!  Mostly because I have a giveaway for you!!!

So if you know me at all or have read this little mess of a blog you know I LOVE Lavash wraps!!  And there’s a certain company of Lavash wraps of which I always sing their praises.  So when they contacted me out of the blue and offered me some samples and a sample pack for me to give away I said ABSOLUTELY!!!  I don’t usually take free products on the blog to review.  Mostly because I feel like a lot of bloggers have turned their blogs into one giant advertisement.  But when a company I love with an outstanding product that is so SUPER healthy asks if I want to give away some of their products to one of my friends on the blog of course I’m going to say yes!

California Lavash is my absolute favorite brand of lavash wraps.  They’ve recently gone through a rebranding.  They are now officially certified non-GMO and they also repackaged their products to make them easier to store without getting squished. 

So here’s what they sent me (and whoever wins the giveaway will get the exact same thing):




I got a tote bag (which I’ve already taken grocery shopping with me- it looks small but it really holds a lot!). 



I also got four of their amazing lavash flatbreads.  I got the garlic olive oil, traditional, spinach and whole wheat.

IMG_6729 IMG_6731 


You can do an almost endless amount of things with these nifty little wraps.  But here are a few of my favorites (in no particular order)…


The hummus wrap!  Spread flatbread with hummus, sprinkle with cheese, a few dashes of Frank’s hot sauce, place into a hot skillet and brown up on each side.

IMG_6742 IMG_6739

I served mine up with a cup of tomato soup.



I also made some super tasty crackers.  Just cut them up into cracker sized squares.  Then I spritzed them with a little cooking spray and sprinkled on some of this deliciousness from a  Trader Joes sugar, chocolate and coffee bean grinder.  A cinnamon/sugar combo would also be delicious.  Or you could go savory with some salt and pepper or a little parmesan and Italian seasoning. 



I also made another nice little wrap with one.  I slathered on some hummus, some hickory smoked tofurkey slices and then piled on the veggies.




Then I played around with the garlic and olive oil one.  This was one variety that I hadn’t tried yet.  I loved this one because it’s thick, fluffy and a little bready.  And it was PERFECT for a panini style sandwich!!  My panini had hummus, sharp cheddar, sautéed kale, onion and mushrooms.  It. was. amazing!




And last but certainly not least, the flatbread pizza! mmmm….



So now here’s the part where you win some free stuff!!!  The winner will get everything that I got- the tote, and the 4 different kinds of flatbreads.


Who wants some?  Come and get it!!!

To enter simply leave me a comment in the comment section below!  For one extra entry tweet or facebook about this giveaway (use the share the love buttons below!) and leave me a separate comment letting me know that you did!!   The giveaway will end 11/20/2013 at 8:00 pm central time.  At that time a winner will be randomly drawn and will be announced the next day!  Good luck!



  1. These look really yummy and versatile! I’d love to win them!

  2. I already love Joseph’s Lavash Wraps, but would love to try a new brand. Lavash pizzas are awesome. One of my go-to snacks are lavash wraps with a laughing cow wedge and jam or apple butter.

  3. I’ve never had that kind of flatbread before, but I love that they can be so versatile. I make pizzas out of the ones I get usually but will try some of your suggestions 🙂 hope school is going well! Sounds like you’ve been busy!!

  4. I posted on fb!

  5. And I tweeted!

  6. Would enjoy trying the Spinach Lavash as that looks tasty. Thanks!

  7. Shared on Facebook too!

  8. Would love to make a turkey, avocado, tomato cheese and spinach wrap in all their flavors!

  9. I also shared on Facebook. Thank you so much!

  10. diana @ veggienextdoor says:

    Hooray and hello to you! I would love to try these (especially the garlic ones), since they seem like the perfect way to get my guy even more eexcited about eating healthy 🙂

  11. Yum! A spinach flatbread pizza would be scrumptious with veggies! Great idea!

  12. Shared on FB! Thank you!

  13. I always have a package of these in my fridge. I have made breakfast wraps with them…egg, cheese, salsa, whatever you like! I’ve only found two varieties in stores (wheat and white). So yummy!

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